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Ever mindful of the need to be as environmentally friendly as possible . We do not send any foam to be recycled in to the reconstituted foam. We prefer instead to to find a second use for all our off cuts.
The best example of our second use policy is the use of our foam-off cuts in Foam Pitts. TV & Film and Theater companies have used our foam off- cuts together with Gyms BMX & Skate board parks
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  • Some companies send their off cuts to be re manufactured in to the multi-coloured foam on the pretext it's ...  
    Price: £1.69
  • Foam blocks or logs can be cut to your individual specification Please call us for pricing0800 7311168 or ...  
    Call us for Pricing
  • This bi-product of design is ideal as a pit liner or as protection for the walls of your pit You can buy them or ...  
    Price: £12.00
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