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At The foam shop we specialise in Foam Cut to Size we will always aim to give you the best advice possible however comfort and the finish are subjective ,We have listed below 3 tried & tested methods Foam / fibre combo (firm and possibly too ridged if replacing feather or hollow fibre) , Fiber (soft fill to add to your existing cushions and will require some maintenance) and a crumb filled alternative (easy to plump and maintain may require new internal cover)

For shapes other than square or rectangle we will require the original cover or a template but for pricing its just priced as a square or rectangle. Please note your covers may be bigger than the available space which can impact the fit of your covers if you choose a more rigid filling such as foam. Please check the measurements to avoid complications once the the new interior is fitted.

To calculate your price just enter sizes , regardless of the shape to the maximum length, width and thickness you require

For the best fit we suggest you match the thickness of foam to the border width of the cover then add 12 oz Dacron

Please refer to the How to measure section and Make a template "How To" guides on the left of the home page before you proceed to order .

What ever you need Foam or Memory Foam contact us

At the foam shop we offer a range of Industry standard full and half sheets & side sheets as well as our Foam Cut to Size service
If you need information about Foam , Memory foam , Foam Cut to Size, or any of our specialist services including Re-upholstery , Quote Fit and Return service or our Replacement of DFS style cushions. Please Feel free to call one of our sales or customer service team will be pleased to assist you
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