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A domed cushion can add extra luxury to your foam cushion and is a great way to tweak the support given by your cushion. We can add a soft, medium,firm or extra firm pad to the interior of your cushion. If you would like to add this option simply click on the listing below to add this option to your order.
The service is only available for Square / rectangle "T" or "L" shaped cushions.

Step #1 Return to the home page and order your basic cushion from our simple to use online calculator

Step #2 Return to this listing and choose the foam core that best suites your needs then add it to your order we will do all the rest.
Foam core is available in 1" or 2" options 2" option is not recommended for cushions under 20" x 20"
Please note by adding a foam core you will increase the overall depth of the cushion at its centre
Please call for help 01823 337766 option 1
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