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Pallet Sofa Instructions - a simple step by step guide

    This is the most simple & cost effective way to produce outdoor seating .
  • Step #1
    Choose Your Pallets
  • Step #2
    Think about your pallet seating layout
  • Step #3
    You can adjust the seat height simply by adding more pallets
  • Step #4
    Think about the back rest for your pallet seat layout
  • Step #5
    Choose you final configuration
  • Step #6
    Now you need Foam Cut to Size
  • step #7
    Fishing touches


You will find quick links below to lots of useful products to help you build you your outdoor pallet bed, pallet sofa or pallet seating area.


No doubt you have arrived at this page because you are looking for bespoke pallet seating. You have certainly come to the right place. It is our knowledge of all things foam and upholstery coupled with our exceptional customer service that has allowed a small family run business to grow into one of the largest and leading foam retailers in the UK I hope we have provided you with enough help and information to construct your pallet seating, pallet sofa or even a pallet bed.

Customers can use our online Foam Cut to Size calculator at the top of our home page. Our bespoke cutting service can accommodate virtually any foam shape.We have listed the most popular shapes chosen by our 1000's of satisfied customers. If you don't find the shape you are looking for simply price it as a square or rectangle. In some sections we list a small cross section of the most popular shapes and grades of foam giving our customer to see what other customers have chosen.


Whether you intend to make a pallet sofa for your house or a pallet bed or seating for your garden this quick and simple process will ensure that you are delighted with the outcome whichever design you choose. We can help with advice and information about the correct Foam, Covers and Upholstery to choose. Pallet Seating Covers & Upholstery can be as simple or as complex as you want .You are only limited by your imagination.

Before starting work watch the step by step guide and ensure that you have the basic materials

listed below, along with your tools and fixings.


EURO PALLETS - these are readily available and often free.

PAINT OR STAIN - those looking for that Wow factor can really go wild here, however the natural look can be equally as smart.

FOAM FOR SEAT CUSHIONS - once you completed your base, measure the area required for the foam seat then CLICK HERE for an instant quote or scrol to the bottom of the page for our customers most popular choice of foam cut to size and delivered to your door. Our recommendation is for FIRM BLUE foam,for seating however we have other foams available if you desire.

FOAM FOR BACK CUSHIONS - there are some more options for back cushions from FOAM CUT TO SIZE to SCATTER CUSHIONS by clicking the links you can choose the option that best suites you.

FABRICS - Here you will find a range on upholstery fabrics suitable for indoors and if you are producing a pallet sofa for you home, our range of fabrics is enormous. For those making a pallet bed or seating for the garden, you should consider a water, stain and fade resistant material. We suggest SUNBRELLA or AGORA , both of which we can offer at a 20% saving on the normal RRP.

UPHOLSTERY - For those who find the thought of making covers daunting, we offer an upholstery service with FIXED PRICE COVERS to compliment your foam order.

We are only a phone call away so if you need help or advice with our foam cutting service, available fabric or upholstery, please give us a ring. And remember, you are only limited by your imagination, visit YOUTUBE to be amazed at how versatile the humble Euro Pallet can be. We hope you are inspired to create a masterpiece and if you require additional help or advice please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US .


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