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If your being offered Free Delivery be cautious, it might be costing you more than you think.

Lots of our competitors claim to give free delivery. I think most people would realise that in business nothing is free. The cost of delivery is paid for by inflating the price of the item you require You can see this for yourself, lots of sites offer a discount for the second identical item For example they tell you your first item of foam is ?23 with free delivery the second identical item is ?13.00 and so on . So you can assume that the ?10 difference is the cost of delivery. I think that a reasonable assumption.

The problem occurs when you the customer want a number different sizes you then get charged delivery on every new item


Go to the top of Google, pick one of the sellers that offer FREE DELIVERY then get a quote for one item of foam, any size, its up to you. You will be given the price plus the cost of the second identical item. Just vary the size of that second item by one millimetre, you will be amazed at what happens next, the cost of the second item will rocket in price.

Our price are very competitive and are never usually beaten on price But for illustrative purposes you might like to try the following:

As we charge delivery on the value of the order your price is worked out like this.

Foam ?13
2nd item (1mm difference) ?13.02
Delivery ?10
Total ?36.02

Competitors Scenario

Foam Inc Free delivery ?23
2nd item (1mm bigger) Inc Free delivery ?23.02
Total ?46.02

Our way of pricing, would save you ?10 for the same grade and quality of foam

I urge you to do this experiment your self. We couldn?t believe it either!

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