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Hints and tips to complete you Pallet and outdoor seating

Help and Information

  1.  CONTACT US for help and advise before you start your project 


  1.  Use Euro pallets there are easily available and often free 


       3.  Have a look at all the help and advise available on YOUTUBE 


  1.  Think about the layout 


  1.  Get your FOAM ordered and cut to size (don't assume getting foam sheets and cutting it your self is cheaper) Use our online calculator at the top of the home page Its really simple to use with a choice of foam We recommend  the FIRM BLUE  foam


  1. Think about the fabric. It should be water resistant, stain and fade resistant  We suggest SUNBRELLA  or AGORA  We are happy to order this on your behalf and pass on out trade discount saving you 20% on normal RRP

Please contact us for help if your looking for covers to be made We offer a bespoke upholstery service than include fixed price covers to compliment you foam order. 

If you prefer to DIY but are a little lost where to start. There is a very simple method of making covers for your pallet seating project . 
  • Spend you budget on the fabric 
  • Get some marine ply cut to the size and shape of your foam 
  • Glue the foam to the ply
  • Lay out your fabric face down on a flat surface
  • Spay the foam and fabric with Silicon spray (trust me this helps smooth the fabric over the foam)
  • Lay the foam and board on the underside of the fabric
  • Starting in the middle and working towards the corners staple to fabric to the board 
  • Treat the corners as you would if you were wrapping up an Xmas present
  • Voila ! You just became an Upholsterer and created a near water tight cover  
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