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Free 5 Year Warranty

Here at we are so confident in the quality of our foam, we offer a free 5 year warranty on some of our seating grades of foam.


The warranty covers physical defects and changes that cause visible, permanent depression or lack of support of more than 15% in seating quality foam. Economy blue, High Firm blue, Recon & all Reflex grades. All other grades grade including but not limited to Memory foam are exempt.

It is quite normal for the foam to dis-colour from its original colour due to light penetration and the effects of heat during production and usage The warranty is only valid if prescribed foam product is used and handled as described in the instructions provided below

#1 All cushion foam should be fitted with a stockinette barrier to prevent seam creep and cushion distortion

#2 Customers should practise a weekly care and maintenance routine. Foams will lose some hardness with use, rotate and turn the cushion regularly to even wear. Avoid sitting on the edges of foam cushions as this may cause premature hardness loss

#3 All transport cost remain the responsibility of the customer during the warranty period (your statutory rights are unaffected)

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