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luxury Vasco 60 Memory Foam


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Visco Elastic 60 newton memory foam from British Vita the largest producer of Visco Elastic Memory Foam in the UK

Fully flame retardant to current UK Fire Safety Standards and a 5 year guarantee

Visco-Elastic memory foam was first developed & used by the NASA Space Program to relieve pressure on the astronaut?s bodies while experiencing those extreme G-forces. Now this revolutionary new technology has been brought to our bedrooms. Also used throughout the health care sector Visco-Elastic foam prevents bed pressure sores & helps relieve back pain. While it reacts to your bodies temperature with the foam moulding to your bodies shape relieving pressure & giving you a comfortable & less restless nights sleep.

According to the British Bed Federation the Common Dust Mite together with scuffed away dead skin accounts for over 10% or the weight of a 10 year old mattress. That?s quite disturbing to think that you breathe in these bugs every time you get your head down to sleep.
Intolerance to dust mites is the most common factors in Asthma. Reduce your exposure, Reduce your symptoms!!

If you choose to sleep on a Memory Foam topper, the amount of dust mites and dead skin that you ingest is greatly reduced. . Dust mites can't live in foam It?s naturally antimicrobial

In January 2006 according to ?which? magazine the top four memory foam mattresses all use Visco 60 newton memory foam In the same survey ?tempur? came last sighting poor durability

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