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In this category we have put all off our recycled products . At the foam shop we don't waste a thing. Most of our competitors return their foam off-cuts to the manufacturers to be re processed in to reconstituted foam. Some foam converters send their off-cuts and other waste products to landfill. WE DON'T !

We take a great deal of pride knowing that we find second uses for our off cuts.

Random off-cuts are baled and sold well below cost price to gymnastics clubs, trampoline, skate or BMX parks for use in foam pits

Foam Skins typically are bought as cheap dog beds or as pit liners for gymnastics clubs, trampoline, skate or BMX parks to line foam pits

Shredded Foam is a fantastic resource for an inexpensive way to fill you cushions , Pet beds , dog beds , beanbags, outdoor cushions. insulation We have even sold it for use in gardens to hold moisture for roof gardens potted plants etc.

Dacron Fibre . Once again great resource for filling cushions

Shredded Dacron We take our Dacron polyester fibre and put it through our shredder and is often used as a replacement for hollow fibre
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