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All of our foam cut to size will have acoustic or soundproofing properties. Acoustic foam sheets and tiles are generally used to improve the quality of sound rather than provide sound proofing.

The grey acoustic foam sheets and tiles available in the listing are intended to improve sound in an area rather than to provide sound proofing.


Think about the application, are you using the acoustic foam is a room or a studio to improve the sound you're making, you might be recording music for example. Adding Acoustic foam panels will help clean up the quality of the sound, you're producing & help to reduce flutter echo's etc.


This is to stop the neighbours complaining. You don't need the contoured Acoustic foam in the listing you need foam cut to size from our home page instant quote section. As an example, playing drum's in you bedroom, its pretty loud if you put a nice 10 cm thick chunk of foam in the window, there will be less sound leakage & less complaints.

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