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Please note that due to a shortage of TDI the petro chemical used to make foam being in short supplier its it more likly that your order may be joined. Please do not order if you are unable to accept this limitation or contact us to request that we use unjoined foam

Being as green as we can be is very important to us at Foam cut to size can be very wasteful, so on occasion we may have to join foam and Dacron fibre .

This practise can take two forms. The first being "Lamination" when we have to bond layers of foam together to get the thickness required by the customer and the other being the Butt join. We use the Simalfa water based glue system to create a soft bond which results in a glue joint stronger than the foam its self. Please take note of this if ordering a dog bed memory foam combo as we sell this product at a reduced price to use up memory foam off cuts. ~

Customer should be aware when ordering memory foam that you can expect it to be laminated if you place an order over 3" in thickness

Please could we ask you not to order from us if can not accept these limitations Please note the de-lamination along the edges of any laminated item may occur however this should affect less than 1% of the volume of the item

The reduction of waste results in competitive pricing to our valued customers and will have no ill effect on the foam or your comfort

We would ask all our customers where ever possible to choose standard thickness foam i.e. 2.5cm 5cm 7.5cm 10cm 12.5cm 15cm This helps to reduce waste further.

PLEASE NOTE FOAM OVER 200CM X 121CM WILL BE JOINED AND WILL BE SUBJECT TO OUR 1 TO 14 WORKING DAY DISPATCH ( If you feel you do not want the foam to be joined please notify us when your placing the order. There is a sheet maximum size depending on the grade. Please call the help line to discuss 01823 337766 option 1 or 2 )

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