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Here at the foam shop. We like to be transparent about our delivery charges unlike out competitors who offer free delivery which actually works out more expensive.

Lets look at one of our competitors prices correct as of 31/1/17)

Example #1

Just compare a piece of foam 60 cm x 60 cm at 7.5 cm The efoam price with free delivery is £19.99 assuming high firm blue foam.

At thefoamshop for the same foam the cost is £10.54 foam and £5.45 delivery

So its clear that free delivery is never free you just add the cost of delivery to the foam (not very transparent)

It gets worse on the free delivery sites because they add the cost of delivery to every piece you order (except if is the same exact size) We don't our delivery cost reflect the amount of the order.

Example #2

If you need two or more items on the free delivery site and the sizes are exactly the same ,same grade, to be fair to them they do offer a discount the second and subsequent pieces, in the scenario above the second foam piece would be £10.99 not another £19.99 However if the second size is only 1 cm difference you pay the higher price. you would pay the £19.99 again

Our advice is Free Delivery is never free only ever compare the final price We just prefer to be transparent as to the costs

I hope you find this helpful please compare our prices to the competition if you find in the unlikely event they offer a better price, we have a price promise

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