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We all like to get something for nothing, but it?s seldom the case. We all know the phrase. ?No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

Free delivery is not free, surprisingly! The cost of the delivery is added to the sale price of the item. So what? You might ask.

?What does it matter if an item cost ?20 inc delivery or ?10 for the same item + ?10 delivery I still pay the same? In fact the other foam suppliers at the top of the Google offer a discount if I buy more than one of the same size item . They tell me buy another item identical to this one and the cost for the item is only ?10. I still can't see the problem?.

Most customers order more than one size so the discount is not applied your second item even if its only 1mm different in size.

We here at regularly make comparisons with our competitors on a sample order of five foam cushion in the same grade all slightly different in size by just 1mm . We were shocked to find we were over ?30 LESS expensive. Such is the effect of supposed "FREE DELIVERY"

Free Delivery is not Free in fact it?s Very expensive delivery.

Mark Harris

Posted on: 20/08/2010
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