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A quick guide to a perfect fit

Here are a few tips to a perfectly fitted cushion. 


The thickness of the border is not the finished thickness of the cushion 

If you choose to fit a foam that matches the thickness of the border on the cover you will end up with lots of loose fabric We advise you add Dacron Fibre to give the cushion body 


For a perfect fit 

Match the width of the border to the thickness of the foam then add Dacron  you have 2 choices 6oz or 12 oz . The Dacron will fill out the cover and take up all the loose fabric We would recommend 12oz. Please note Dacron does not effect the firmness or the comfort its purely for aesthetic reasons. 


Turn your cushions weekly

If you  rotate your cushions on a regular basis and having followed our instructions your cushions should not ride or become miss-shaped 

Don't forget to fit Stockinette for ease of fitting 

Please return to the home page for Foam cut to Size online calculator or have a look at our other products, for example Memory Foam   or our Dfs cushion replacement service

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