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Follow a few simple steps to accurately measure your cushion covers.

Measuring Your Cushions
1. Ideally you should  take your measurements from your existing cover. Measuring the old foam is not very accurate as  they become squashed and out of shape.

2. Measure from corner to corner along the seam, pulling the cover slightly to ensure a full bodied fit. Make sure you measure both ends as covers can vary in width along the back and the front.

3. You should make sure you measure from seam to seam on the depth of the cushion. If a box style cushion measure between the piping . You should match the thickness of foam to the boarder width of the cover then add 6oz or 12oz to ensure a full bodied cushion 

4. Do not measure across the centre of the cushion as this may have a slight dome to it, and this will affect your overall length and width measurement.

5. If we are making covers for you please indicate the position of the zip

6. Please refer to the different product shapes and match the shape to your requirments If you can't find the correct shape simply call the help line 08007311168

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