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Whether you’re in the window, aisle or middle seat, this new generation of travel pillows mean that it’s finally possible to get first-class sleep at the back of the plane, bus or prolonged car journey. This is not some over engineered contraption that looks like scaffolding for your chin or something you panic-bought at the airport.

This is a traditional shaped pillow made from shredded 3rd generation memory foam and Tencel botanical fabric. Not only does this pillow provide un-paralleled comfort, it had been designed to be echo friendly made from recycled foam and the sustainable Tencel fabric had cooling properties to prevent overheating.

We have tested this product on long haul flights, car and coach journeys not only for comfort but portability. It will easily squash down to half its normal size or you can hang it off your hand luggage by the corner loop sewn into the fabric.

The product comes with a bag of additional shredded crumb to enable the user to vary the firmness.

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