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TRUSTPILOT RATE US EXCELLENT . Try Our Cushion refill Service

  1. Pack it !
  2. Send it !
  3. Price it !

We do the rest !

If your cushion are going flat or your fed up to the back teeth constantly plumping them up every 5 minutes and you’d really like to replace them, then why not think about contacting and take up our extensive cushion replacement services?

It’s never been easier, and at no extra cost to you for the extra service we provide. Firstly use the online calculator at the top of the home page to get a rough idea of cost then send your covers to us and we will do the rest. Just remove the foam from its covers, pack them up securely (in a box) and post them to us (it’s always advisable to send them recorded delivery), don’t forget to enclose your contact details. If you’re local you can visit our factory shop and drop them off and collect when ready. Click this link for our address

Once your covers arrive, one of my team will contact you to discuss the cost and grade of foam most suitable.

We’ll cut and shape whichever grade of foam you choose to the size you require and restore the cushions to their former glory. With over 150 years’ experience & 3 generations of upholsterers in my family your cushions are in good hands

Please note that in exceptional circumstances covers that were once filled with feather or fibre may have been manufactured to be bigger than the available space. If this is the case the covers may need to be adjusted If in doubt measure the combined width of your covers than measure the gap between the arms and let us know before you send the covers

Lock in Service

For customers who have chosen this service We will prepare a slightly oversized cushion then adjust as required at no extra cost once the covers arrive.

We use a special machine that sucks the air out of the foam prior to fitting to your covers. The ultra thin polythene you may find if you look inside your covers is only there to facilitate machine fitting of your covers and can be removed

Consequential Loss in the event of loss or damage of customers covers:

Mark Harris Upholstery does not accept any liability in respect of damaged or missing covers being returned to the customer via a carrier. Liability is limited to the standard terms of carriage of the carrier Mark Harris Upholstery ltd does not accept any liability for consequential loss caused by loss or damage of customers own covers.

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