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Why replace your sofas & chairs, when only the cushions are worn out!
Send your existing cushion covers and have them professionally
re-filled with Reflex Foam Premium 400

Upon receipt of the covers we will provide you with a quote to have the covers professionally filled and returned.

This service is for zipped covers only with no buttons

Please send in your covers with contact details and your return address to

The Foam shop
Unit 1 Trafalgar House

Cornishway North
01823 337766

We suggest you send them recorded delivery. If not covered on household insurance policy then the post office can offer enhanced insurance.

Items are returned at a small cost to you the customer (should the quote not be accepted) with the option of enhanced cover should it be required. We understand that some of our competitors offer free return, however their foam price for the same service is often double what we would be charging.

If you don't feel confident measuring or fitting your foam yourself then this is the service for you. As a general rule if you price the foam using our online calculator facilities on the web site, this service would add approx 25% to the cost should you measure and fit you're self.

Please have a look at the "How To" guides on the left of any web page

If you want this service you should get quotes for other suppliers such as
Foam for Comfort or Foam for Home. We regularly check our price against these and other companies and for the same service is often 50% less expensive

At the foam shop we offer a range of Industry standard full and half sheets & side sheets as well as our Foam Cut to Size service
If you need information about Foam , Memory foam , Foam Cut to Size, or any of our specialist services including Re-upholstery , Quote Fit and Return service or our Replacement of DFS style cushions. Please Feel free to call one of our sales or customer service team will be pleased to assist you

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