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The new Agora range of cool, stylish, superior quality fabrics have been designed for diverse outdoor applications. (These fabrics are not compliant with the Furniture Fire Safety Regulations and if used indoors, the purchasers assume full responsibility for the suitability of this fabric for the application).

Delicate, harmonious designs and textures deliver versatility and style for a variety of exterior solutions, combined with a Teflon® finish for improved stain and water resistance.

Agora allows you to tastefully create coordinated blinds and awnings, matched with outdoor seating and cushions.

The range also offers complementary styles to Sauleda’s existing Lisos range of leading acrylic solar protection fabrics.

Together, these brilliant, versatile ranges provide design flexibility in outdoor solutions – from canopies, outdoor seating and umbrellas, to more traditional domestic awnings.


Water resistant fabrics shed off water, we advise that should your covers be exposed to excessive rain, the water can penetrate through the fabric and the seams. Cushions upholstered in Agora Water Resistant Fabric should not be left outside.24/7 for 365 days of the year. The UK climate is far too damp. Our experience has shown that cushions covered with Agora Lisos fabric can be left outside 24/7 during the spring and summer month with no ill effect. Any ingress of water as a result of heavy rainfall will dry quickly. Please take time to familiarise yourself with our care and maintenance guide to get the very best from Agora Fabrics.


#1 Turn reversable cushions on a regular bases to prevent seam creep and even out wear & tear

#2 In the event of ingress of water. Open Zip. tip cushions up to a 45 degree angle to allow any water to escape. Air dry cushions and covers.

#3 Never store damp or wet cushions & covers in your garden shed, outside storage box or under a separate cover as you will trap damp are and promote mold growth.

#4 When not it use we suggest base cushion should be inclined to help bead of water in the event of a shower. (store dry cushions if heavy rain forecast)

#5 Your Agora Liso fabric can be machine washed at 40 degress (don't tumble dry please)

#6 When storing your cushions and covers for the winter, Remove and wash cover and store indoors. Foam, though hydroscopic (draws in moisture) can be store in the shed or outdoor storage box. You can expect the foam to change colour this is perfectly normal but will not effect its performance.

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